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for Broadway, brands, and the performing arts

Nothing beats the power of sitting in a dark room shoulder-to-shoulder with strangers to soak in a communal experience. We’re theater folks with business strategy brains who live for “holy shit this is good” moments and our mission is to create more of them. For over a decade, we've helped theaters realize their goals through business partnerships that engage audiences, grow revenue and sell tickets.

We believe making great art and 

good money go hand in hand.

We've worked with some of the most recognized names in the industry, including:

No Director of Special Projects?  No problem.

Chances are you have a few core staff members who already tackle much more than their job description entails, with plenty added to their plates. Imagine having someone with an outside perspective whose brain, experience, and connections are on retainer. Explain your most pressing problems to us, let us put them in the rock tumbler that is our brain, and we’ll come back with polished solutions that can meet your needs.

We’ve spent more than a decade helping theaters solve problems. Maybe it’s time to replace your long-standing corporate sponsor. Perhaps you need a business development brain on deck to generate ideas and gain access to the right connections. Maybe you need help nailing the logistics of a special event spanning the five boroughs — or the country.

Meet The Circus.

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Whitney Britt, Founder

Whitney is an expert at crafting bespoke arts partnerships with the major players on Broadway and beyond. Across her 15 years in the industry, she has worked for producing powerhouses Disney Theatrical Group and Stage Entertainment on the marketing campaigns for Mary Poppins, The Lion King, Newsies, Sister Act, Rocky, and Big Fish.  Whitney is a proud member of the Broadway Women’s Alliance and the FLS+ Client Advisory Board.

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